Our New Website is Moments Away

It’s taken us longer than we expected to get our website up, running, and functional, but we’re finally in the home stretch! We have been plenty busy with our clients, but I’m also proud to announce that we’re on the verge of completing a few other major projects and overhauls to our brand. We’re migrating our blog, which will become more focused and consistent with our website launch, we’re rolling out a new estore for inspirational and motivational products, and we’re also exploring a few possible partnerships to add to our product portfolio. Get excited!

If the anticipation really is just killing you, I have a few things for you to check out in the meantime.

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  • we’ve launched a Zazzle Estore for you to check out some of our coming products. It’s not quite our official store, but it certainly makes everything available and easy to obtain! Check it.
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I hope that will tide you over for the next month or so while we hash out all the finishing touches to our website.

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Get Your Mind Right!


Get Your Mind Right!

We’ve been so busy helping our clients get their minds right, we’ve had to put our own professional development on hold! Well we’re taking some time to upgrade ourselves, get OUR mind right, and develop a new website. Keep an eye out for it in the coming months!


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Make It Happen; No Excuses

Have you ever noticed that many times people are obsessed with talking about what “could have been”, daydream about how “if only”, or “wish” things were a certain way or different than what they are. I’m guilty of it sometimes too, but how we can differentiate ourselves is by being aware of it and acting to change that kind of mentality. As cliche as it may sound: Carpe Diem.

Each day is a new chance to do something you didn’t do yesterday. The fact of the matter is, no one is going to make your dreams come true for you. If your dreams are going to come true, it’s going to be due to your own hard work. Hell, if you can find the easy way to make your dreams come true, then there you have it, but it’s YOU that has to decide what you want out of life and it is YOU that has to make it happen. We may not agree with the moral actions of liars and cheaters, but they deserve more credit than the person who threw in the towel and said it couldn’t be done. I believe there are three necessities that must be in place to “make it happen”:

1. Initiative 

Without initiative you have nothing. You may have a great plan thought out or even written down. You may be able to persuade others of your idea. You might even have put together a formal proposal, but without taking the initiative, it will never happen. If you don’t make it happen, someone else will.

2. Motivation

You must have the motivation to continue through the good AND the bad times. Whether it’s bottom line profits, passion for a cause, or the love of another, you will need motivation to make it happen. If you’re not motivated to act, you won’t.

3. Follow Through

You have to stick it out until the very end. You have to learn how to turn the external energy that motivates you in the beginning into natural energy that will continue to flow even when times get rough. If you don’t follow through and give up when times are hard, it will never happen. The saying shouldn’t be, “Don’t start what you can’t finish”, but instead should read, “Don’t quit what you start”. Everyone can finish, it just depends on your follow through.

These three things are all you need to make it happen!

It’s that simple!

Notice how it’s not necessary that you have the “Make It Happen” mindset. It’s not necessary to have the support of those around you, the funds, or the right connections. It’s not even necessary that you have the know how. Of course, having all of those things definitely helps, but they aren’t necessary. All of those things can be obtained in the process. The thing is, people make things happen every day and go through this process without even realizing it. And what happens when someone wants something so bad that they will do whatever it takes to make it happen? It happens. You can only fail if you accept failure. If you don’t accept failure, then everything everyone else considers failure is just a bump in the road for you. Anyone can make it happen as long as they know what they want the final product to be. Ask enough questions and you’ll learn the next step you need to take to make it happen.

The fatal mistake many of us make is not taking the initiative. Too many times, when things don’t fall into our laps, we accept it as the way it is. Then we make the next fatal mistake: Not Asking Questions.

My next question would be: Why is that the way it is? How can I make it different? Even a big change starts with a small initiative.

There’s a small children’s book called “The Dog Poop Initiative” by Kirk Weisler. I had the opportunity to participate in one of his motivational workshops and he is a fantastic speaker. The book itself is a small fable about a pile of crap in the middle of a soccer field. Interesting huh?

Click Here to go to Kirk Weisler’s Website

The kids playing soccer say “EW!” and run around it. The soccer coaches tell the kids to stay away from it. The parents yell, “Watch Out!”. Everyone seems so willing to point out the pile of crap, but no one will do anything about it. They point, then blame, then whine…When suddenly a dad walks over to the crap pile, without a word, and scoops it up into the trash. In the end the kid learns a lesson, which is: Life is full of people who are pointers, but it’s the people that take initiative that make things happen. In the end these are the winners. These are the people everyone looks up to. These are the people everyone envies. These are the heros of the world, but it’s not as hard as it seems to be a hero; even to yourself.

The next time you find yourself complaining about something, stop and ask why…Then ask how you can make it the way you want it. Today, while cleaning up, I found something I wrote a while back that I felt resonated with this message:

    Encumber All.
    Must be Taken.

It’s simple, but to the point.

    There are those that watch things happen and there are those that make things happen.

What will you do?