About Mind Right Media

Experience the Difference between Dreaming and Doing with Mind Right Media!
Mind Right Media specializes in making dreams a reality!
Small businesses looking for digital media help and consultation with their social media initiatives need to contact us immediately!
Although we offer a variety of digital media services, we do not want to be considered simply a company in the business of providing services; we would rather be considered a place to go to help make dreams a reality. We get to know our business partners on a level that allows us to become aligned with their own missions and visions so that we can help them grow in the direction they prefer. If we can’t help you make your dreams happen with our services, we will connect you with the people who can and be by your side all the way to the top. We have a passion for helping small businesses grow, while also embracing individuals and professionals in their journey to their dreams.
We strive to make Dreams a Reality, on any scale, which is why we offer personal products and services to the individual regarding video editing, photography, video transfer, etc, while at the same time catering to small businesses that want to grow their business and realize their Dreams! Check the Products section below for more detailed information on how Mind Right Media can take you closer to living your dreams.
There’s a fine line between dreaming and doing; our goal is to cross that line with you!
Our Mission:
To enhance the life experience for humanity, on any scale, primarily through the creative use of technology, media, innovation, critical thought, and the Arts. To dream big every day and take action, however small, towards those dreams. To inspire dreams within those around us and to inspire action, however small, towards those dreams. To inspire humanity to use the critical thought necessary to find true happiness within the self.
Professional Services Include:
Marketing Consultation
Brand Consultation
Small Business/Idea Coaching
Commercial Videography
Commercial Photography
Commercial Video Editing
Commercial Audio Recording/Editing
Image Editing
Logo Creation
DVD/CD Printing
Professionals Should Contact Us About:
Internet Marketing
Video/Audio Recording and Editing Projects
Image/Logo Editing
Blog Management
Social Media Management
Growing your Business
Individual & Personal Growth Services Include:
Novelty Video Editing
Video Editing
Audio Recording
DVD/CD Printing
Video Transfer (Tape to Digital; Digital to Physical)
Photo Transfer (Film to Digital)
Idea/Dream Coaching
Individuals Seeking Personal Project help Should Also Contact Us About:Weddings
Birthday Parties
Family Slide Shows
Family Video Transfer/Editing

Experience the Difference Between Dreaming and Doing!

Get Your Mind Right!


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