Our New Website is Moments Away

It’s taken us longer than we expected to get our website up, running, and functional, but we’re finally in the home stretch! We have been plenty busy with our clients, but I’m also proud to announce that we’re on the verge of completing a few other major projects and overhauls to our brand. We’re migrating our blog, which will become more focused and consistent with our website launch, we’re rolling out a new estore for inspirational and motivational products, and we’re also exploring a few possible partnerships to add to our product portfolio. Get excited!

If the anticipation really is just killing you, I have a few things for you to check out in the meantime.

  • We’ve been busy on Pinterest! Check us out here
  • we’ve launched a Zazzle Estore for you to check out some of our coming products. It’s not quite our official store, but it certainly makes everything available and easy to obtain! Check it.
  • we’ve been building our following with our Mind Right Mailing List. For some regular inspiration, please sign up and support our mission to inspire. We never spam and our interest is in your inspiration, so if we don’t have any inspiration for you, you won’t get busy mail. You can subscribe here.
  • We’ve also been uber busy on our other social media channels. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

I hope that will tide you over for the next month or so while we hash out all the finishing touches to our website.

Follow your Heart. Find your Passion. Live your Dream.

Get Your Mind Right!


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